Fidirazione di l'Associi di Quatrigliu è altri Balli Pupulari corsi
Fédération des associations de quadrille et autres danses populaires corses
Federation of associations for squares and other popular dances of Còrsica

With the time invitation to be gathered on the place of the village for the ball and call to be set up on the track to start to dance, thus chooses to call its association the group of friends which was found then regularly within the framework of the workshops of music of the house of the Culture of a Còrsica at the end of the Seventies.
A passion animated them, to find the steps, the figures, choreographies of the old man squares of Sermanu where Minicale had collected at Filice Antone Guelfucci square them, hammers, mazurcas, scottishes, and other waltz of the area of Boziu, Valle Rustie.
Beyond the backup and transmission of the Corsican musical inheritance, it was as all the spirit of the ball, the festival, the ease of use, the joy in life so present in the accounts of old people as it was important to try to give in value.

The purpose of the federation Tutti in piazza is " promotion, the diffusion of squares and other popular dances of Corsica "
It to date gathers many associations or workshops are federated: about a hundred people, without counting many specific animations where people test themselves with happiness with squares and very many interventions in educational circle.
Workshops, training courses, animations, etc... such are the activities of Tutti in Piazza!

To know and appreciate squares in Corsica, to find the pleasure and the ease of use of " u ballu Corsu ", such is the objective of Tutti in Piazza!